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My Priorities

Public Safety & Mental Health Services

• Ensured more funding and resources for Concord police and public safety personnel, including license plate readers and cameras, utilizing technology to keep our community safe.
As Supervisor, Carlyn will ensure the Sheriff and Fire Department have the resources necessary to keep our community safe.
• Created a full-time case management team, including a mental health clinician, to provide more services for the un-sheltered. Carlyn also created a Mental Health Evaluation Team, and made funding available to provide temporary supportive housing to those in need.
As Supervisor, Carlyn will convene an emergency task force comprising public health officials, behavioral health officials, Health, Housing and Homeless staff, public safety, and cities to collectively assist those struggling with mental health and addiction.


• Passed a rent increase and eviction moratorium for Concord residents and businesses during the pandemic to keep people in their homes and help businesses stay open.
• Approved new housing, at all affordability levels; nearly 1,000 units are in the pipeline for downtown.

As Supervisor, Carlyn will continue to spearhead solutions to increase affordable housing options, including partnering with the faith community to host housing, and work with Sacramento to secure more funding for new housing.


• As Mayor of Concord, recruited new businesses to our region and co-founded the Diablo Valley Tech Initiative to attract and retain innovative companies in our area.
• Leading the effort to establish a four-year university/research institution at the former Concord Naval Weapons Station to create new educational and economic opportunities for our area.

As Supervisor, Carlyn will champion the Northern Waterfront Economic Development Initiative to create 18,000 family-supporting local jobs by 2035 to enable more people to both live and work in Contra Costa County.


• Fought for funding to improve the condition of our roads and sidewalks throughout Central County, on-time and on-budget.
• Co-authored Concord’s Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan to create safer routes to school and work for pedestrians and cyclists.
• Led the effort to install more EV charging stations in Downtown Concord.

As Supervisor, Carlyn will continue to advocate for improved transportation for children, seniors and the disabled.

Fiscal Accountability & Transparency

• As a Concord City Councilmember, Carlyn has ALWAYS balanced the budget and bolstered City reserves.
Carlyn has steered the City of Concord toward a secure financial future and as Supervisor, will provide strong financial leadership for Contra Costa County.