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Councilmember Carlyn Obringer comments prior to the vote on Concord First Partners on 01/28/23. The proposal to extend the term sheet was voted down 3-2 with Councilmember Obringer voting it down.


To view the entire proceeding, please go to:

Carlyn Obringer
Carlyn Obringer1 day ago
The first "Coffee with a Cop" event at the Port Chicago Starbucks was a great opportunity for the community and our police officers to connect with one another in an informal setting. Don't miss your next chance to ask questions, voice your concerns, and get to know members of the Concord Police Department at the March 25th "Coffee with a Cop" event at the The Veranda Peet's from 8:30 am to 10 am!
Carlyn Obringer
Carlyn Obringer4 days ago
#HappyWomensHistoryMonth! Today it's my pleasure to highlight Erin Schally, and Holly Wang, co-owners of Epidemic Ales , along with their amazing female staff members! These ladies have helped to put Concord on the map with their award-winning beers and commitment to community, participating in over 30 charitable events annually. Cheers to Erin and Holly--pioneers in a traditionally male-dominated industry! Pick up a four-pack of their special Lady Boss IPA release TODAY! It was brewed by ladies from across the industry at a special event on #internationalwomensday!