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We support Carlyn Obringer for Concord City Council!

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Public Officials

State Senator Steve Glazer
Ken Carlson, Contra Costa County Supervisor, District 4
Federal Glover, Contra Costa County Supervisor, District 5
Edi Birsan, Concord Mayor
Dominic Aliano, Concord City Councilmember
Laura Nakamura, Concord City Councilmember
Patty Barsotti, City of Concord Treasurer
Lynne Mackey, Contra Costa County Superintendent of Schools
John Mercurio, East Bay Regional Park District Ward 6 Director
Colin Coffey, East Bay Regional Park District Ward 7 Director
Ernie Avila, President, Contra Costa Water District Board
Mariah Lauritzen, Central Contra Costa Sanitary District Board President

Community Leaders

Tommy Smith, Contra Costa Co. Library Commissioner
Ray Barbour, Concord Planning Commissioner
Ajit Kaushal, Concord Planning Commissioner
Jason Laub, Concord Planning Commissioner
Craig Mizutani, Concord Planning Commissioner
Jack Moore, Concord Design Review Board Member
John Pamer, Concord Parks, Recreation and Open Space Commissioner
Mark Sinclair, Concord Parks, Recreation & Open Space Commissioner
Carlos Balladares, Commission on Aging Commissioner
Melvin Lee, Commission on Aging Commissioner
Lauren Hendrickson, Community Services Commissioner
Cedric Cheng, Chair, Concord Pavilion Community Outreach Committee
Sue Hamill, Contra Costa Democratic Party Central Committee Member, District 4
Hon. Gail Murray, Fmr. BART Director & Fmr. Mayor and City Councilmember, City of Walnut Creek
Jeanette Green, Holbrook Heights Community Association Board Member
Tim Carr, Sun Terrace Neighborhood Partnership President
Alex Diaz, Hillcrest Neighborhood Leader

Concord Residents

George Aquino
Colleen Awad
Rocci Barsotti
Michael Bassett
Andy Blair
Alison Blair
Jan Cabral
Wendy Crosetti
Bill Egan
Lana Egan
Lynne DeRouen
Ross Fisher
Jack Fliehmann
Jason Gerdes
Justin Gerdes, President, Centre Pointe Home Owners Association Board
John Gibson
Carol Grey
Lauren Gannon
Susan Gwynn
Linda Haddad
Julie Hayes
Nancy Holt, Vice President, Centre Pointe Homeowners Association Board
Scott Jacobs
Monica Johnston
Evanne Jordan
Michael Jordan
Mary Kemnitz
Stewart Kennon
Eizo Kobayashi
Mary Kobayashi
Annie Larson
Zulay Loftin
Larry Loomer
Luke Madera
Marga Marshall
JanLee Marshall
Cathy McRoberts
Susan Metzger
Deborah Muccino
Julie Scheibner Murillo
Debbie Penovich
Dr. Sedique Popal
Jamie Qualk
Tom Quinlavin
Linda Ray
Donna Roberts
Frank Ryken
Robyn Scherrer
Fro Schmidt, Concord Small Business Owner
Surya Sharma, Concord Small Business Owner
Rachel Shoemake
Karen Siverson
Josh Sonnenfeld
Chris Tang
Vilma Tang
Debra Taraskewich
Dean Tibbs
Juanita Tibbs
Consuelo Tokita
Jana Trost
Eva Violan
Nelson Violan
Renee Wagner
Scott Wagner
Laura Wehrlie
Mike Wehrlie
Darlene Wehrlie
Dr. Erik Whitely
Peggie Winton
Dodi Zotigh


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